Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Speaking to Clients - Filming Wednesday

A couple of days ago I was approached by someone who had seen the video that I had done for the County Council and they showed interest in me doing a similar video for them.
So after several phone calls and emails the client and I have come to the agreement that start filming Wednesday and have the video back to him a week later.
The client wants a 20 - 30 minute video outlining the children on work placements, what they do, what they learn, what their employers think etc...
I feel that this is the perfect opportunity for me to gain more experience filming as well as more experience working to clients and meeting their briefs.
Wednesday I will be meeting the client at a mechanics in Telford where I will be filming.
I have decided that I will be filming the whole thing on my DSLR and that i will be using lapel mics for the interviews as they worked very well for the interviews that I did for the Art Gallery video and the video I did for the County Council.
I am really pleased for someone to have been impressed enough by work for them to want a video done by me. I am pleased that my video making skills have improved to the point where other people can see quality in the work I do.

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