Saturday, 16 March 2013


I've decided to start collecting footage for a showreel from past projects that I have done. I have found footage that shows both my skill with the camera and my directing skills.
Another thing I have noticed is how much my camera skills and editing skills have improved since last year. My most recent projects contain no camera jerks and the composition of my shots has improved a lot. Editing wise colour correcting has made a big improvement to the quality of my projects. In addition to this I have also improved from 3 years ago in the sense of using After Effects which i have used when necessary this last year and a half.
I now am also more capable of setting up and checking equipment something that has let me down when I first started studying video production. I noticed this as in a video a made 3 years ago the footage was glitchy due to the camera having dirty tape heads when filming and capturing.
Overall I didn't realize how much all aspects of my video production have improved the last 3 years due to experience and what I have learned from college/university.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Editing foundations to employment

I have now done everything that i can with the audio. I found that the best solution was for me to lower the volume of the clip and put a constant grain sound on the clip which masks the annoying background noise.
Another thing that i have found very useful which I had not used before is the RGB Curves tool in Premiere Pro for colour correcting. A tool i will be using again in future with the Levels tool.
Below are before and after pictures of the colour correcting I have done.




As you can see in the second picture the shadows on the subjects face and background have been reduced and the light in whole looks a lot more natural.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Editing (foundations to employment)

My Edit for Staffordshire County Coucil's Foundations to Employment is nearly complete
one thing I am tampering is editing the sound in Soundbooth as there is an annoying dog barking sound in the background. unfortunately isolating the sound and deleting it leaves me with choppy unsynced footage.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Filming for Staffordshire County Council

Today I have filmed at a children's nursery in Oldbury, an Equestrian center in Tamworth and a car mechanics in Hednesford, this was for the project I am doing for Staffordshire County Council's Foundations to Employment program.
Below are some pictures of both me and Ashley taken throughout the day including pictures of us setting up equipment and filming.
DSCF8237DSCF8588 DSCF8404 DSCF8392