Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Garden Art Video (editing)

Yesterday i edited and uploaded the garden art video i did.
i found that the sound of the video on a whole was good and needed very little editing, that said some of the sound clips had  a lorry in the background so i simply changed the sound of said clip with the sound from another clip.
Some of the shots I had to crop, trim, change the speed of and colour correct.
I achieved what i wanted with this project which looks arty and abstract which is exactly what i aimed for.
you can view the video in full HD on the link below.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Filming Garden Art

Today I decided that i would get my camera out and film with no real objective.
As it was a nice day i took my camera outside and decided that i would concentrate on plants and flowers. My focus was on getting arty close up shots with pulling focus or zooming in. i also used a lot of shots where i locked the camera off as there was movement in the plant due to a slight breeze.
I am going to edit together all the footage later in sort of a montage of clips style and possibly edited the sound where needed.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Editing Existing Footage of The TV Show Banshee

Today I edited together some existing footage of the TV show Banshee.
I took episode one and edited it down to a 3 min extended trailer.
I kept the edit sharp and snappy by using quick cuts and shots that were full of action.
I am hoping to do more of these videos for more episodes in the series before finally doing a Season Trailer.
You can view this video on vimeo via the link below.