Thursday, 25 October 2012

Location Recce The Old Court House

Today Olly and I did a location recce for an upcoming drama we are filming on the 8th of November as a group. While at the old court house we decided conduct a risk assessment for the location. We decided to take pictures of the location to show to the rest of the group and so that we could document some of the hazards such as a high balcony, sharp railings on the set, narrow spaces to work in and steps.
picture of one of 2 plugs located on one side of the court room
sharp railings which are part of the set in the court room
shot of Olly on balcony
Olly on balcony 2
Narrow walkway which we will have to use equipment in
small space could be used for filming
steps up to the balcony a possible hazard
Side stalls as seen from balcony

shot of the court from balcony
As the pictures of the court house show lighting is going to be an issue in this location. With big windows one side of the room and florescent lighting attached to the high ceiling. This means we will have to experiment with lighting in the location before filming.