Friday, 26 April 2013

Meeting for Art Gallery Video

Today I met with the client from the art gallery for the first time.
We sat down and spoke about what she wanted from the video, which was that she wanted a video that documented the Open Art Exhibition from start to finish. The Open Art Exhibition is split into sections which are; Handing in, Judging, Installation of winners in the gallery and the Prize giving evening when the winners are given their prizes and get a chance to look at all the new art hanging in the gallery.
The client has stated that she wants the video to be between 5 and 8 minutes long.
Based on my research I feel that this video would work well accompanied with some original music for the bits of the video where the sound of the video is not important. luckily i know some musicians so it should quite easy to find someone that is willing to do the music for me.
I feel that the handing in and the installation of the art in the gallery will be the 2 shortest parts of the video as i feel they may become boring, so i have decided to concentrate on the judging and the prize giving evening.
I will also interview the judges and winners of prizes to mix the video up a bit and make it more interesting for viewers.

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